Born December 11th 1982 in Lausanne, Switzerland, from a Swiss father and an Italian mother, Domitilla moved with her family to Rome in 1998 where she graduated from the French Lycee.

At first Domitilla attends Law School only to find her deep need for something that could blossom her creativity.
She completes a three-year course in Graphic Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and right after leaves for New York on her first assignment. While working there, Domitilla starts sketching in ink and watercolour what would become the adventures of her two main characters, Mimmi & Momi, named after the diminutives her mother gave to Domitilla and her sister. In time, the “tribe” grew with little creatures often inspired by friends and people she meets in her daily life.

Her drawings, at first a side project to her graphic designer career, gather interest of family and friends. She therefore starts selling boards to those who fell in love with her fairylike world.

2012 is a pivotal year where Domitilla establishes herself as an illustrator publishing her first book “Mimmi e Momi, un giorno speciale” (edited by Electa Mondadori) and she also signs a six-month collaboration with, illustrating their kids’ home page with monthly exclusive designs.
At the same time, the style of her illustrations begins to evolve. Besides her children’s universe, she starts exploring with elements inspired by nature. Palm trees, colourful feathered birds, plants, savannah and jungle animals true to reality in their forms drag you into a new, sophisticated fantasy world thanks to their imaginary patterns.

Throughout the years, her works have become appealing for both the interior design and the fashion industries bringing multiple collaborations to life: wallpapers collections with the Italian company Wallpepper, a collaboration with the fashion brand Blazé Milano, made-to-measure projects for home décor.
Domitilla lives and works in Rome with her husband, Luca, and their two daughters.